Grottammare Sea View Holiday Room and Home

Grottammare Sea View Holiday Room and Home

Is there a special San Benedetto del Tronto holiday home? Can I book a Grottammare sea view holiday room? Questions like this on your travel to southern Marche would lead to one beautiful residence – Casa Pazzi.

Among others, romance and incomparable relaxations are the two main reasons people love to travel to Grottammare and San Benedetto del Tronto. If you don’t know them yet, these are the two of the most beautiful ancient villages in Italy, located on the southern Adriatic coast of Marche. The villages have wonderful beaches, buzzing marina, historic museums, churches, as well as some warm and welcoming neighbourhood. What makes the region even more attractive is the presence of Casa Pazzi – your ultimate San Benedetto del Tronto sea view holiday home.

Room and Apartments in Casa Pazzi

Transformed from an 18th-century historic home, we, at Casa Pazzi offer a homely bed and breakfast facility. Its attractions lie in its strategic location next to Grottammare defensive walls, it’s unbridled views of the Adriatic coastline, the flora, faunas and the centuries-old orange trees in its two panoramic gardens, and so on.

The home is mainly composed of four apartments, each one’s different from the other in terms of décor, hues, vibe, and furniture. However, they all share the most important thing – a view of the picturesque Adriatic Sea. If you are after a Grottammare sea view holiday room, we also have a separate double bedroom for your convenience.

So, book your stay now and start imagining having a nice breakfast sitting in one of our terraced gardens, listening to the sea waves crashing on to the Adriatic shores. A sea view holiday can’t get any more relaxing and peaceful than that, can it?

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