Grottammare Sea View Holiday Home and Apartments

Grottammare Sea View Holiday Home and Apartments

Casa Pazzi, also known as Gottammare sea view holiday home and Grottammare sea view holiday apartments provide a relaxing accommodation in a charming village by the Adriatic Sea.

What if you could read a book on your terrace and smell the enchanting smell of live orange trees? What if you could have a fine breakfast overlooking the Adriatic Sea right from your bed? If that sounds amazing to you, you have come to the right place. The Casa Pazzi, located in the serene ancient Italian village Grottammare can make your dream a reality. We are the Grottammare sea view holiday home, and our residents love us for ensuring a relaxing getaway in our converted historic home.

Grottammare Sea View Holiday Apartments

Located next to the defensive walls of Grottammare High – one of Italy’s most beautiful villages; the original building of Casa Pazzi was built back in the Eighteenth Century. Today, it has been converted into a chic, yet authentic holiday residence by its visionary founder Roberto Pazzi. It’s adorably nicknamed as the Grottammare sea view holiday apartments, as each one of its rooms offers an incredible view of the picturesque Adriatic Sea.

Mr Pazzi is an interior designer himself, and consequently, have left no stone unturned to renovate and make the home as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. He left the centuries-old orange trees untouched while adding a bit of modern flair with curated lush vegetation. The exposed-stone walls would welcome you in a historic home, while the vibrant interior would guarantee all the modern amenities.

Currently, there are 4 apartments and an additional double bedroom for our visitors, along with a fine breakfast every morning of your stay. We are always open to welcome you at Casa Pazzi.


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